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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 25, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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off, world news is coming up next. this is "world news." tonight breaking news. a deadly day at the mall. gunfire erupting in a suburban shopping center. hundreds running for cover and hiding behind count ters and in storage rooms. who was behind this? the deep freeze. the dangerous cold about to get colder. the new system. temperatures plummeting further and the accidents and the snow and ice this saturday. the other price. the unbelievable cost of keeping your home warm in all this. an affair to remember, the big headline breaking in france. the president caught hiding under his helmet makes up his mind. his long-time girlfriend or the actress and who is coming to the white house? the new study about the way we live now with all of our our devices. and what it's doing to our eyes. tonight what we should be doing every 20 minutes.
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good evening. thanks for being here on a saturday night. we begin with late information after a deadly day at a busy suburban mall. gunfire sending hundreds of shoppers runs in fear and leaving three people for dead. s.w.a.t. teams surrounding the mall. shoppers who ran for cover, many for the exits were guided by police on the scene. some loaded into buses to get them to safety. in the parking lot, the reunions. family members who escaped the madness. abc's jeff zeleny is in columbia, maryland where authorities spoke moments ago. >> reporter: another day of terror at the mall. >> my manager yelled everyone in the back. >> reporter: this time in columbia, maryland outside of washington and just before lunchtime. shots rang out. shoppers scrambling for cover. scared to death. >> i do have reports of it looks like at least three down at this
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point. all on the the upper level. >> reporter: it's the latest shopping mall shooting. more than a dozen in the last year. shattering a saturday afternoon american past-time. at 11:15 police received their first calls. >> boom. and then followed by four, five more. boom, boom. >> reporter: two minutes later s.w.a.t. teams responded rushing in to find three dead, the shooter and two store employees. both in their 20s. the motive still unclear. tanya and her best friend were enjoying a lady's day at the mall, only minutes into getting their facials. >> people were running down the corridor or into stores. i didn't know how safe it would be to keep running in the open. we were in the back of the store in the fitting room. literally just -- you know. where do you go? >> reporter: only 30 minutes from the nation's capital. the mall is like any mall in america. today so cold outside, hundreds of people drawn in. the shooting brings to mind one
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at a new jersey mall last november where the gunman killed himself and triggered terror. >> authorities tell abc news one theory is a domestic argument authorities say the shooter had so much ammunition that this could have been far, far worse. david. >> jeff, thank you. the other danger, the deep freeze about to get colder across much of this country. hard to imagine. another system moving in. this image tonight from st. joseph, michigan. where a man almost disappearing in the snow and wind and this tonight of a viewer of a car wash in scranton, pennsylvania. unreal. tonight the difficult driving conditions on this saturday and the other worry for families now, the heating bills mounting after weeks and weeks of cold. here's abc news linzie janis now. >> reporter: in the midwest tonight. heavy winds whipping up whiteout conditions. these roads in north dakota look more like the siberian tundra. in ohio, snowy roads are making
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for some white-knuckle driving. tow trucks working in frigid temps. to get a semi-out of a ditch. >> it's bad, especially when the roads get icy. >> reporter: detroit seeing its snowiest january ever. all this cold bringing with it a bitter reality for americans. nine out of ten households will be hit with soaring heating bills this winter. some spiking as high as 24%. for the 7 million american homes and businesses running on propane, a gas shortage is pushing up prices. one tip tried to pay a flat amount each month to avoid those spikes. a couple tips for keeping your heating bills down, try this around sliding doors and windows to keep the draft out. experts say a lot of heat escapes around pipes. put that where the pipe meets the wall. david. >> thank you. good advice with those heating bills mounting. and new england is the hardest hit.
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we want to bring in the meteorologist in boston. he's? the weather center tonight you were telling us a fast- moving system coming in this evening. >> that's right. these are called clipper systems. they come roaring out of canada. along with them they drag the cold air and create a lot of wind. windchill indexes will drop way below zero across much of the northern united states. they drag snow with them as well. quick-hitting systems. generally about three to six inches. if you get on the downwind side, you could pick up as much as a foot of snow. the blowing and drifting. blizzard warnings for parts of north dakota, minnesota and into iowa. >> this winter has been unreal, mike. people at home are going to find this hard to believe. next week even colder. than this past week? >> that's right. straight in from the arctic over the north part of the united states, and check out these overnight lows into parts of minneapolis. we're going to see anywhere between 18 and 23 degrees below zero. here in boston, it will drop
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near zero, and atlanta it will be colder than anchorage, alaska. >> we're going to turn next to a tense scene we're following overseas. last night we showed you the fiery pictures out of ukraine. protesters taking on the government. tonight flaring up yet again. demonstrators angry ukraine's leaders are growing closer to russia and pulling away from the and the west. abc news hamish macdonald is right there again tonight. hamish. >> reporter: pretty chaotic. within the last hour quite a few hundred protesters have convened on this building. it's a ukraine house. they seemed to have taken control of it. they're loading rocks into the building. firecrackers going off as well. occasionally something will fly out from inside the building. we know that there are security forces not very far away. it's not clear who is in control of this part of the city. it's fair to say that kiev, ukraine is facing a difficult
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night. >> right there on the scene tonight. stay safe there and an american foouftive edward snowden granting a leveling a new claim that the u.s. is not only spying on other nations but other corporations around the world. here's abc news now tonight. >> reporter: edward snowden delivered his bombshell on tv. the u.s. didn't just spy on u.s. governments, but foreign companies, too. spying on other successful german companies for example to prevail -- to have the advantage of knowing what is going on in the scientific and economic world. >> i don't want to preempt the editorial decisions of journalists. what i will say is there's no question that the u.s. is engaged in economic spying. if there's information at seamans they think would be
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beneficial to the national interests, not the national security of the united states, they'll go after that information. and they'll take it. >> reporter: technology insiders call it the snowden effect. companies weary of doing business with the u.s. >>the snowden effect is when companies overseas are fearful of buying u.s. equipment because they feel that the nsa has a back door. in other words, whatever is typed into the -- on to the software whatever it's used for is going to go automatically to nsa. >> reporter: this week the attorney general said the u.s. government was willing to discuss the parameters of a criminal case if snowden pleads guilty. adding clemency is not an option. >> he has harmed the national security of the united states in ways that i know i can quantify, i can demonstrate, were i allowed to share with you. >> reporter: snowden says he's aware of the death threats, and he also says he has no plans of returning to the u.s.
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he says he won't get a fair trial under current u.s. laws. making headlines again. now to the warnings for american athletes heading to the winter games. advised not to where american uniforms outside of secure areas. there are plans to get americans out, if needed, and quickly. tonight we hear from one of those athletes with her citizens, we will have appropriate arrangements with the russians to do that. >> reporter: over 10,000 americans are expected to attend, making evacuations a logistical challenge. u.s. officials say the plan is in the works, but it could involve two navy ships in the black sea and even charter or commercial flights.
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russia insists the games will be safe and deployed a security presence. they're taking security extremely seriously here in sochi. the stadiums will be on lockdown and u.s. government will have security teams with the athletes at all times. the state department wants team usa to be careful urging them not to wear the uniforms outside the olympic zone. some athletes are already planning to take precautions. >> we're big fans of the buddy system on our team. that's for starters. we have that. other than that, we're going to be pretty sheltered staying in the village where we are. >> reporter: everyone taking extra care with the opening ceremony just under two weeks away. abc news, sochi. >> thank you. back here at home. another giant chain of stores now reporting customers and credit card information may have been hacked. michael's, the chain of craft stores saying it's investigating the possible breach of shoppers' payment card information after target and neiman marcus
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discovered the same thing. tonight a breach of personal information inside an american corporation word from coca-cola that laptop computers were stolen from the headquarters holding personal information up to 74,000 people mostly employees including their social security numbers and drives license. we turn to france tonight. the president choosing between the girlfriend and the actress. he was photographed hiding under his helmet while visiting the french actress. his other girlfriend had been consider theed the french first lady. he will visit the white house. and the question is who will he bring? >> reporter: it is over. they were never officially married but as the live-in companion of french president francois hollande, valerie trierweiler was known as the country's first lady or to some the first girlfriend. in a phone call to a reporter tonight, the president announced, "i make it known that
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i have ended my partnership" with valerie trierweiler. tonight the ex-first lady returned to paris after a stay in the hospital and rest at the official residence in versailles. "it's a bomb," said the main news cast. the fuse on that bomb was lit two weeks ago when the tabloid "closer" published photos of a man in a motorcycle helmet it said was hollande having a clandestine affair with an actress. at a news conference last week the president tried to brush it off, saying it was a private matter. it didn't work. the affair stayed in the headlines. the first lady was not popular. just yesterday hollande traveled on his own to the vatican with a meeting with the pope. the subject reportedly did not come up. president hollande will be watched next month when he goes to washington for a rare state visit. usually on these formal occasions leaders are accompanied by their wives. michelle obama usually takes the spouse to a local school. that won't happen now. president hollande will be
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flying solo to washington. what's worth noting is that french presidents have been known for those mistresses. traditionally all that got from the french public was a shrug. but this time with news of a first new girlfriend, that's changed. as you pointed out, the subject did not come up with the pope. that would have been tricky. the new study out about our eyes and the damage we're dealing with all the devices. and some doctors telling us what we should be doing every 20 minutes. later tonight this. ♪ adell singing "rumor has it". who she's teaming up with now. a blast from the past comeback.
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staring at all those devices these days? here tonight abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: a side effect of the digital age. all the time we spend in front of our computers, tablets and mobile devices. how much time do you spend on your devices? >> i spend at least five or six hours a day. >> reporter: it's hurting our eyes. researchers say staring at the screens for hours can cause digital eye strain. >> they can get headaches and feel if their eyes are dry or itchy. >> reporter: a survey conducted by the vision council showed nearly 70% of american adults have experienced the syndrome, experts say an increasing number of children also showing symptoms which include dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, more severe symptoms include headaches, neck and shoulder pain. experts say those sides effects are less common. do your eyes get tired? >> yes. >> do you get dry eyes? >> yes. >> do you get neck and shoulder pain? >> sometimes, yes.
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>> reporter: experts say looking at a computer is different than reading something in print, the reduced contrast and glare from the electronic screen can strain your eyes more than reading a book does. >> a lot of it is created by not blinking. >> reporter: further research is needed. >> you sound like a doctor out there asking the gentleman his symptoms. they do give us advice on how to give our eyes a break. >> that's right. eye doctors suggest following the 20-20-20 rule. every 20 minutes take a 20- second break and look at something 20 feet away. >> and watch "20/20." >> yes. when we come back, is the pope coming to america? one american city preparing tonight. above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins.
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now to our "instant index" on a saturday night. pope francis coming to america. they're getting ready in philly. pope benedict announced two years ago the city will host the thurp's church's world meeting of families. the catholic church in philly remains hopeful tonight. oprah getting ready for her birthday after powering through a spin class in west hollywood. i can attest those classes are tough. happy birthday. two british rockers. what a project. adell with humaner has it there.
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finally tonight, the powerful film generating oscar talk. nominated for nine academy awards. including best film and best director. 12 years a slave. behind the scenes with a director who would make history. if he wins. here's abc's chris connelly. >> reporter: five months since it was shown to an audience 12 years a slave. are directed by steve mcqueen is already being called a defining film about slivery. about a subject disgracefully overlooked throughout much of
5:56 pm
hollywood history. >> it's about a free african-american men into slivery. a lot of people did not know there were a lot of black men and women living in the north. >> reporter: much of 12 years of slaves narrative and dialogue come directly from the memoir of solomon northup a man dispatched to a series of southern slave owners. beginning in 1841. from the start mcqueen knew who he wanted to play solomon northup, but now 36 initially resisted mcqueens treaties. when they offered you this, you said no. >> yeah. i took a moment. you know, i never seen a film from inside the slave experience. i felt the respongs abltd of it i needed to kind of have a kind of moment to work out just how to get there. >> crazy from the heat plantation owner played by
5:57 pm
michael fast bender. battled climaxes with the fate of the young slave. patsy. a roll for which mcqueen considered hundreds of actors. >> if this movie gets taught in schools. if generations of school children watch this, how will that make you feel? >> happy. just want to be useful. instead of being tragic. we're all going to die. that's a definite. i want to be useful. that's all i want to be. >> reporter: chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. perhaps history made sunday oscar night. "gma" in the morning and i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. have a good night.
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>> why people in a san francisco neighbor are not surprised police shot and killed a dog today. a look at the damage after a car crashed through one home and into another. we saw record temperatures in the bay area today. how hot it got. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. san francisco police say they were forced to shoot and kill a vicious dog this morning in the potrero hill neighborhood. neighbors say the big dog had a scary nickname.ation, even a cornell bernard is live in san francisco with those details. reporter: the dog's nickname was psycho. and neighbors say he lived up to that name after charging at a police officer this morning.
6:00 pm
the dog has been impounded twice by animal control. his owner is under arrest. >> day shot psycho? he is. >> neighbors can't believe a notorious dog with a bad reputation was shot and killed by police. ofs encountered the dog, nicknamed psycho, inside a vacantant with his opener. >> our officer retreated and have nothing where else to go, fired and killed the dog, unfortunately. >> the police discovered the dog and owner squatting inside. the man has been arrested for trespassing before. police want to know if the dog was trained to attack. >> whether there was any intention of him intentionally releasing the dog tornado the officer. >> nobody likes to see the dog die like that. >> she is upset the


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